Criollo Grenada Fine Estate

Grenada Criollo Fine Estate 75%


Single Origin. Bean to bar.


Product Description

I have never been to Grenada, but I did fall in love with their delicious Criollo cocoa beans. After some magical procedures with the beans I made a remarkable sample of a chocolate that brought me to a decision to make a very limited quantity of bars. I hope that you will appreciate this cocoa and its delicate creamy taste of coffee and the smooth notes of a truffle’s ganache core. To continue producing this bar, I am solely depending upon you, my precious customer, and your reception to this first batch.

~Andre V

Soy-free and Gluten-free product. Vegan. All natural ingredients.

Bean to bar.


Grenada Cacao Beans, Organic Cane Sugar


Additional Information

Weight 4 oz


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