As a young chocolatier, I’d been joyless for a long time; the woman of my dreams did not pay any attention to me, so I decided to travel the world to forget her. One day, while walking through Montmartre, I went to a used-book store and noticed the dusty spine of one of Papus’ works: Practical Magic. Something told me to buy the book, and I reluctantly went along with my urge. I read it from cover to cover in one evening, looking for aphrodisiac elixirs and magic rituals. For the next week I experimented with different recipes for chocolate, finally settling on the most intriguing. I brought a bouquet and a small bar of my chocolate to meet my heartthrob, asking for her hand in marriage. She ate just one piece, and exclaimed in agreement to my proposal. Since then we’ve spent years together and always remember this recipe, keeping it in strictest confidentiality.

What is the driving philosophy behind L’Amourette?

Our driving belief rests in the uncompromising production of quality chocolate and confectionery, while not limiting our customer base to the wealthier layers of society.

What is the best way to contact L’Amourette?

Our contact information is also listed in more detail here.


Where can I buy L’amourette products? Besides our website, here is the list of our distributors.

Who is the lead figure in L’Amourette?

Andre V, an experienced European chocolatier, who has spent over a decade working on the reserach an development for the industry.

Are your products fair-trade?

We are currently in the process of becoming fair-trade certified, and we are certain that we will get there. Dealing with our sources directly, we establish a personal relationship with the source of our cocoa, distancing ourselves from slavery and abuse by not buying from cocoa resellers and sourcing from the less affluent regions of the world.

Are all your products vegan?

With the exception of the bacon-salami bar, our products do not contain any animal products.

Are all of your products Kosher?

Yes, but we are beginning the process of becoming certified by Earth Kosher and the likes.

Does L’Amourette wholesale?

Yes, it does. Please write your inquiry to: